FAS Rhodos Pilots Academy
Rhodes International Airport "Diagoras" Rhodes 85106
Rhodes Dodecanese Greece
Telephone : +30 22410 81000 | +30 69 369 81000
Fax : +30 22410 98057
Email : support@fas.gr
Welcome to F.A.S. Rhodos Pilots Academy!  One of the oldest Flight Training Organizations in Greece!
Professional Training: Experienced flight instructors, organized training courses and modern teaching methods.

Best value for Money & Time: The support and our own maintenance organization ensures at least a 75% availability of our aircrafts every day, all year round.

Quality – Reliability – Consistency: Our students enjoy their flights with perfect conditions nearly all year round.

and a Friendly, Hospitable  Environment.
Fanourakis Stylianos
Director / Accountable Manager of FAS from 1994 until today.
   Derived from the Hellenic Air Force where he worked as an aircraft mechanic, an aviation training air and ground safety officer and quality control manager for 15 years.  Experience as an engineer of commercial airplanes for AIRGREECE, AEGEAN AIRLINES, HELITALIA Spa, under part 145 maintenance organizations for 8 years. 
Fanourakis Michail
Head Of Training , TRI, CRI, IRI, Examiner. 
    Active A320 Captain for Hermes Airline charter company in Greece, Derived from the Hellenic Air Force where he worked as a flight engineer in aircrafts C-130 Hercules, head of aviation training and quality control for 23 years .Previous experience as a flight engineer in the commercial aircrafts of HELLENIC IMPERIAL BOEING 747-200. ATPL(A) Holder, Flight Instructor-Class Rating Instructor-Instrument Rating Instructor) acts as a master trainer at all levels of education of FAS.
Fanourakis Ioannis
Chief Flight Instructor, CRI, IRI, FI.
     Active First Officer A320 with a lot experience in general and 
commercial aviation environment.
Kalogridis Konstantinos
Maintenance Manager of FAS Since 2003.
     Derives from the Air Force where he worked as a flight engineer Aircraft C-130 Hercules, and aircraft engine inspector workshop C130.Total Experience 20 years in the Air Force.  
Karamichalis Ioannis
Compliance Monitoring Manager. 
     Being an active captain on a Turboprop  Airliner, with many years of experience in Olympic Airlines Mr. Karamichalis as a key personell, ensures that the activities of the organization are monitored for compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements, and that they  are carried out properly under the supervision of the relevant head of functional area.